Original Colonel
Kentucky Fried Chicken


To sell KFC’s Original Recipe you probably need the Original Colonel. So we probably brought back his original commercials with some modern creative tweaks.
Partner: Heather Ryder
Creative Directors: Jason Kreher & Freddie Powell
Director: Ulf Johansson
VFX: Method


Space Sandwich
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Sometimes you have to put a spicy, crispy chicken sandwich into space. And to get there you need a spicy, crispy chicken sandwich, a Rob Lowe Colonel, and a high tech KFC bucket satellite fit for space travel.
Partner: Heather Ryder
Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin & Jason Kreher

Director: Andreas Nilsson
Production Company: Media Monks
Photographer: Art Streiber

No but for real, we actually attempted to put KFC’s Zinger chicken sandwich into space with the help a space start-up company called World View.


To get the sandwich to space we also needed to create the most hi-tech KFC bucket that’s ever existed. A bucket built by the incredible Media Monks. (There are no words to explain how great the Monks are except maybe a few of the words I just used)


Ok look, Heather and I made a lot of stuff in this space adventure. Official space patches. In the event of alien abductions we included a golden cassette tape of the Colonel giving KFC franchising advice. A one-of-a-kind actual meteorite melted down and sculpted into the form of a Zinger that sold for $20,000.00 to a vegan family. A website.


Nashville Hot
Kentucky Fried Chicken

This one time, we reinvented Colonel Sanders as a 1950s heart throb Nashville Colonel to sell KFC’s Nashville Hot chicken. We used the talented Vincent Kartheiser and some other actors. That was fun.
Partner: Ansel Wallenfang
Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin & Jason Kreher

Director: Tom Kuntz
Photographer: Art Streiber


The Extra Crispy Colonel
Kentucky Fried Chicken

When Kentucky Fried Chicken has extra crispy chicken sandwiches to tell people about you do it with Extra Crispy Colonel, George Hamilton. Note to self, try to grow up and be George Hamilton.
Partner: Ansel Wallenfang
Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin & Jason Kreher

Director: Jeff Low


Kentucky Fried Chicken

Colonel Harland Sanders was a man of high chicken standards. But sometimes KFC restaurants aren’t living up to those standards. And when they don’t, they have to get re-Colonelized. In 2016 there was a lot of re-colonelization going on so we told America about it and this is how.
Partner: Ansel Wallenfang
Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin & Kathy Hepinstall

Producer: Melanie Fedunok
Director: Jeff Low


Never Sellout

Sometimes in advertising there is nothing to sell. And that was true about TurboTax who was going to help 60 million American’s do their taxes for free. So we told them about it at the Super Bowl and some other places.
Partner: Matt Skibiak
Creative Directors: Max Stinson & Eric Fahrenkopf
Producer: Jennifer Fiske
Director: Steve Rogers

Then we teased the ad online because weirdly, people are excited about commercials at the Super Bowl. Except we did it by telling people who wasn't going to be in the Super Bowl ad for TurboTax.


Script to Screen

Sony is a giant company that people often forget about. So we reminded them in-between their favorite television shows.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Directors: Stuart Brown & Chris Groom
Producer: Jessica Staples
Director: Daniel Wolfe


We also concepted print and digital on the entire shoot with photographer Thomas Prior. None of it came to be, but the photos are pretty.

My Butt

Weight loss is hard. Like, super hard. Because weight loss isn’t a problem with our body as much as it’s a problem with our brain. We told people about this a lot of different ways. Here's one.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Directors: Michael Tabtabai & Jason Kreher
Director: John Hillcoat


We also created a unique library of food images with photographer Marcus Nilsson and food stylist Victoria Granof. Those two and their people are amazing.

Here is the positioning that won over the business.


Underwater Apps


In 2014, Sony invented the world's first water friendly phone. So we invented a way for the phone to know it was under this water. Then we invented a suite of water friendly apps. Here are a few.
Partners: Charlie Gschwend & Billy McDermott
Creative Directors: Mike Geipert & Dan Hon
Producers: Pierre Wendling & Tricia Huetig


The app named Goldie turns your Xperia phone into a gold fish tank. When the phone is out of the water, the gold fish flops like a fish out of water. When the Xperia phone is dunked in the water the gold fish swims around. Tada.

Plantimal is like a water dependent Tamagotchi for the Xperia phone. You start from a seed, water it regularly, and grow your own unique not-real plant.

Sink Sunk is a Jacques Cousteau style exploratory submarine game where users have to explore as far as they can without engaging deadly sea creatures. But like any submarine, it needs to be under real life water to explore.


How a Car is Made

The greatest thing Chrysler built in 2014 was not a car. It was a factory that built the car. So we documented it with photographer Christian Weber. He is the best. You should shoot with him. Here are a few of the photographs we captured.
Partner: Danielle Delph
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen, Michael Tabtabai & Kevin Jones

Photographer: Christian Weber


Be Moved

Sony had a lot of things to say in 2014 so we said them a lot of ways.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Directors: Mike Giepert
Director: Stacy Wall

And for all the things they had to say we made one place where they could say them all.
Partners: Charlie Gschwend
Creative Directors: Mike Giepert & Dan Hon
Producers: Pierre Wendling


The Beginning of the End of Skimping in America

This is the best thing I will never make. This is just a rip.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen, Kevin Jones & Michael Tabtabai
Editor: Damion Clayton


American History

I like this. I made this. With Ray Gordon.


How to Change Cars Forever

I'm told when you concept, design, build, and sell a car in only 18 months you’ve changed the way a car is made. So that's what we told people.
Partners: Justine Armour & Jared Elms
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen, Joe Staples & Michael Tabtabai
Producers: Corey Bartha & Jeff Selis
Editor: Kyle Valenta
Director: Christopher Riggert
Designers: Steven Denekas & Jason Murray

We also made things that don’t play on the television with photographer Christopher Griffith.


Hard to Please People
American Express

A lot of ideas get killed for good reasons. This one got killed for a not good reason. But it will live on in this catalog.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen & Joe Staples


Imported From Detroit

Imported From Detroit is one of the greatest advertising campaigns of all time. The stuff you never saw is the stuff I did.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen 
Joe Staples
Director: Melodie McDaniel


Absolutely no one saw this moving picture because it never aired.


Rebuilding Trust with you Friends
Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed

The original Assassin’s Creed was a game about stabbing your friends. With all this death we decided to make these really weird videos, websites and pamphlets to pretend help people with their pretend problem.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Director: Chuck McBride
Director: Harold Einstein


At gaming festivals we handed out material to help gamers with their killing problems. A bunch of pamphlets, websites and hotlines pretend helped people.


Never Hide

Here are some artisanal commercial arts for Ray-Ban. They were supposed to tell people about Ray-Ban and had varying levels of success. Mostly the lower levels of success.
Partner: Derek Szynal
Creative Director: Chuck McBride & Travis Britton

La Movida is a counter-culture tradition in Spain that Ray-Ban wanted to celebrate. So we created a Ray-Ban album that countered their counter-culture by profiting off the sales of said album. You basically graffitied a digital wall along with bunches of other people and curated music for a commemorative La Movida album. Back in the early aughts this wasn't a bad idea.


Here is a sample of a zine I made for the china market. I have no idea what it says because I can’t read chinese.


The record of a short-lived voice over career


If you made it this far, congratulations. As a reward, here is a picture of me touching my nipples. And my email: devin.gillespie@me.com